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If food is your passion then step into the warm embrace of Sri Lanka’s world famous hospitality and explore the wondrous flavours of the island. From fresh seafood dishes prepared with the catch of the day, to wondrous flavours from the magical and secret mixes of spices, you are sure to find yourself falling in love. Travel from one end to the other, see the beautiful sights while discovering the different flavours from different regions and the tales behind them.

There is no specific time to enjoy a good meal. You can visit the country at any time to discover the flavours on offer and you will always be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Popular Foods Not to be Missed:

  • Rice and Curry
  • Jaffna Crab Curry
  • Fish Ambul Thiyal
  • Parippu (Dhal Curry)
  • Hoppers
  • Kottu
  • String Hoppers
  • Coconut Rotti
  • Lamprais
  • Kiribath with Lunu Miris

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