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Romantic Experiences In Chilaw

Planning a special romantic getaway to a quiet town in Sri Lanka? Chilaw might just be the perfect place for a couple. Untouched, sun-kissed beaches bordered by blue waters on one side and a stretch of swaying palms on the other, there are quite a few activities and romantic experiences you can enjoy, from a gentle boat ride along an emerald lagoon to an adrenaline-pumping safari through the island’s rugged wilderness.

Boat Cruise

Apart from its beautiful beach, Chilaw also has brackish lagoons surrounded by a mangrove forest, which are ideal for romantic boat safaris. One of the most popular places to embark on a river cruise is the Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary. The area is made of mangrove forests and marshlands; not only making it a birdwatcher’s paradise, but also a great place to see monitor lizards, crocs and snakes! To make this experience even more romantic, embark on a river cruise just before sunset! 

Where? Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary

Time? Plan your boat ride for the early morning, as it tends to get hotter by noon. 

Street Food

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is its delicious food. The local cuisine is an embodiment of the mishmash of different cultures of the island. For an exciting date, head to Chilaw town and try the different restaurants/huts which offer various local delicacies. There are sweet treats like ‘milk toffees’, snacks like vades, and meals like kottu roti which will delight your taste buds and satisfy those hunger pangs after a day of exploring the town. Do keep in mind though that local food is generally quite spicy, and if you can’t handle your spice, be sure to warn the chef not to add chilli! For the brave and daring duo, try it the local way, with a glass of iced Milo or cold water by your side.

What? Try kottu or egg hoppers!

When? Some of the best street food is made fresh in the evenings. 

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Beachside Sunsets

As previously mentioned, Chilaw has a lovely beach but what truly sets this apart from all the others on the island, is that it’s relatively untouched and away from the large crowds of other beach lovers. So if you’re planning an intimate beach picnic, then you’ll find a soft bed of sand that’s perfect for it! Sunsets on the island are magical; the whole sky turns into a moving canvas with vibrant colours, and with your picnic, this moment will be even more romantic. 

Where? Check out Silver Beach

Time?  Sunsets are generally around 6:30 pm. 

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is perfect for those couples who want to experience Sri Lanka’s wilderness minus the crowds. The island’s largest national park, Wilpattu National Park is a great place to spot a variety of animals from monkeys, deer, crocodiles, elephants and even the elusive leopard. Embark on an exciting wildlife safari through this protected nature park with your partner, in the morning or evening! 

Where? Wilpattu National Park is less than 2 hours away.

Time? Early mornings by 6am are the best time to start your safari.

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