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Visa And Entry Requirements

All holiday and business travellers applying for a visa to Sri Lanka must have an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter the island. For more information visit

What Are The Visit Visa Types?

There are two types of Visit Visas that travellers can apply for:

  1. Tourist Visit Visa
    1. This visa is eligible for tourists who wish to enter Sri Lanka for sightseeing, relaxation, excursions, visiting relatives, etc. for a short duration.
  2. Business Purpose Visa
    1. This visa is eligible for foreign nationals who wish to enter Sri Lanka for business purposes, for a short duration. Applications for group visas are also provided at

How to Obtain a Visa

Before you travel to Sri Lanka, for a 30-day visa:

  • Apply through the Sri Lanka electronic visa website (
  • Follow the online application process and pay the fees.
  • Tourist Visa to Sri Lanka costs between USD  20 – 35
  • Various types of Visas are listed under fees –
  • Once approved, print out the visa confirmation.
  • To check the status of the visa you can check it online once submitted using the reference number.
  • Visas applications can be submitted to Sri Lankan Missions in your country or online.
  • On Arrival Visas are also processed based on the nationality of the applicant.

Want to stay longer?

If you’ve fallen in love with Sri Lanka and want to extend your stay, you can! You can renew a 30-day tourist visa twice, for 30 days each time. Contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration for further information.