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Located on the east coast of the island, right next to a natural harbour that was once an epicentre of strategic naval placings in the days of old, the town of Trincomalee is shrouded in many a tale that is both mythological and documented. The town possesses a multitude of experiences for any and all traveller journeying across the east coast of the island. Visit Trincomalee and discover the beauty of this city.

Top Things To Do

From the pristine beaches to the amazing heritage experiences, Trincomalee is a haven for many adventure enthusiasts looking to understand the country’s unique culture.


There are many things to see and do in the coastal town of Trincomalee. Dotted with ancient places of worship, historical ruins and monuments, and amazing beaches, the town is a kaleidoscopic wonder.

Best Experiences in Trincomalee

Go ahead and partake in excursions around the town that allows you delve into the many tales it has to tell.