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Built by the Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch and British, the Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering travellers a plethora of things to explore from a bygone era. Visit historic monuments as you stroll along the ancient ramparts of the fort. This old, culturally harmonious town resembles a quaint European village with cobblestoned streets lined with cafes, bistros, restaurants, boutique retail outlets and more.

Key Things to Do

Galle features a plethora of things to do for any type of traveller. Explore the most treasured parts of this ancient city during your adventure.


From the iconic lighthouse that illuminates the ramparts at night to the eerie halls of the Groote Kerk, visit Galle’s historic attractions.

Best Experiences in Galle

Embark on a fort walking tour as you learn about the town’s rich history or visit one of the nearby beaches for a tropical escape.