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Romantic Strolls around the Island

Sometimes a nice, relaxing walk along a scenic route is exactly what you need to invigorate the romantic in you. There are beautiful places all around Sri Lanka just waiting to be explored, and what better way to do so than with that one extraordinarily special person?

Here are some of the most picturesque places in Sri Lanka where you could take a romantic stroll to soothe the senses and get your heart pumping.

1. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy



As its name suggests, the famed Royal Botanical Gardens, nestled in Peradeniya, used to be reserved for royalty. Even though Sri Lanka no longer has a monarch, a visit to the Gardens will certainly make you feel like one. The royal palms welcome you with a certain grace as you walk along the concrete path towards the massive 147-acre park. This Gardens contains over 4000 species of labelled flora, and bats, birds and monkeys frequent the place, teasing the visitors who are eager for a closer look or a rogue interaction. The Orchid House is by far the most popular attraction the Gardens have to offer with its most exquisite collection of colourful orchids. A picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens where the sounds of wildlife and the vibrancy of the flowers serenade you is definitely worth the excursion.


2. Beddagana Wetland Park, Colombo


Settled in the suburbs of Colombo is a hidden gem that not a lot of people know about. The Beddagana Wetland Park is a great spot to be one with nature and explore the urban flora and fauna without spending too much or going out of the way to do so. The flooding around the Diyawanna Lake gave rise to a thriving ecosystem in the form of marshland unhindered by human development. The park itself is a respectful project aimed at giving visitors a peak into the marshland without harming the animals and plants. As you walk along the park, you’ll notice rare flowering plants grown from seeds deposited there by tons of migratory and local birds. Butterflies flock to this region as well, making it a magical stroll that is sure to make your heart squeal with joy.


3. Gregory Park, Nuwara Eliya


Constructed in 1873 by British Governor Sir William Gregory, Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya is a sight for sore eyes! What used to be a bog, Lake Gregory is now a spot for water activities and picnicking. Encompassing the lake is a massive park, which has everything from little boats to scenic views for a romantic evening. Lake Gregory is also a landing strip for seaplanes, which travellers can use to fly directly from Colombo to the park in just 30 minutes. The misty hilltops and the cool yet sunny weather is the perfect setting for a little lovers’ getaway.


4. The Ramparts of a Fort, Galle


With a bold sunset in the background and the sound of crashing waves, a romantic stroll at dusk or under a starlit sky will bring you closer to your beloved. A stroll along the historic ramparts of the Galle Fort, for example, is a popular past-time for couples. Walk along towards the lighthouse and wait for it to switch on just as the sun dips over the horizon, for a truly magical romantic experience!


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