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Best Ideas for a Date Night in Sri Lanka

There are many ways to celebrate your love in an island like Sri Lanka, from romantic escapades over its waters to idyllic hilltops. Sri Lanka’s artistic and lavish history contributes a lot to how people see and interpret romance, which is deeply entrenched in everything we create. A lot of the lore treats love like it’s something tangible through interactions with nature, art, music, and more, which is why Sri Lanka is the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Below are a few perfect pursuits for the hopeless romantics who find themselves in this tropical paradise.

Beach dining in Negombo



If you’re longing for a meal under the stars with candlelight to illuminate your table and melodious waves to serenade you, then Sri Lanka is ready to provide. Negombo beach has become a tourist hotspot with numerous restaurants setting up tables for couples to enjoy a candle dinner under the stars. From delectable fresh seafood dishes to traditional Sri Lankan meals, there are a range of items to sample.

One with the wilderness



Lush foliage and delicate sounds of nature may just sound poetic, but they’re also great for setting the mood. Here’s where a cabin in the woods would come in handy, as you hear the nocturnal creatures go about their lives and the leaves of trees that have been around for centuries rustle in the wind.

City love



Sri Lankan cities are very much unlike cities in any other part of the world. With its age- old traditions that have stood the test of time, camaraderie amongst its people, and the peace that washes over the land when the sun goes down, its cities are ones that certainly sleep but never die. Perhaps a night at one of Colombo’s rooftop bars will make for an ideal date, or even a late-night dip in an infinity pool over the silent city.

Dinner with a view in Sigiriya



Impress your date with a fancy dinner – with a jaw dropping view of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the background! If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’ll be able to find a hotel in the area offering an unhindered view of this majestic beauty. Treat your partner to a special dinner date in Sigiriya.

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