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Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is home to one of Asia’s major archaeological sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The area comprising of Sigiriya and its neighbouring cities are known as the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, due to their rich history and contribution to the culture of the country. Explore the ruins of ancient kingdoms and temples of old, but also be prepared to experience the beautiful scenery and nature of the area from herds of elephants to a myriad of migratory birds.

Top Things to Do

Climb to the summit of Sigiriya or admire its beauty from a hot air balloon ride; there’s no shortage of things to do in Sigiriya!


The citadel in the sky, its museum and the iconic Dambulla Cave Temple are some of the popular attractions you can’t miss out on.

Best Experiences in Sigiriya

Travel back in time to the era of a patricidal king as you walk through the ancient fortress or embark on a safari in the nearby national park.