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An ancient city in the heart of the Cultural Triangle, Polonnaruwa is the second kingdom that was established on the island. Established as the capital from 1056 AD, it was the administrative centre until it fell in the 14th century, due to constant Chola invasions from India. However, many vestiges lay scattered in the present-day city, which include places of worship, monuments and relics of royalty.

Top Things To Do

Reimagine a kingdom long lost to time that was once a civilisation that pioneered engineering brilliance and architectural excellence.


Ancient temples, religious artefacts, engineering marvels, remnants of what once espoused architectural magnificence, there is a lot to see and do in the ancient city.

Best Experiences in Polonnaruwa

Partake in a tour around the ruins of the lost kingdom. Maybe, even go on an excursion to witness the exotic wildlife of the country!