Kalutara’s Diverse Heritage Kalutara’s Diverse Heritage Explore


Located just 43 kilometres away from the commercial capital of the island, Kalutara is a bustling city that is often overlooked by many travellers going down the southern coast of the island, since it is overshadowed by its more popular neighbours such as Bentota and Beruwela. However, a closer look into Kalutara showcases an illustrious history that contains cultural intrigue, colonial heritage and exotic wonder, thus having all the hallmarks of the popular southern coastal cities.

Top Things To Do

A blend of natural wonder, colonial monuments, including some interesting places of worship await the wide-eyed traveller.


Like in any southern coastal town of the island, Kalutara too has some pretty great attractions that will give you a great background on the diversity of the island.

Best Experiences in Kalutara

Go on excursions that will take you through Kalutara’s colonial days, along with some amazing places of biodiversity when in the city of Kalutara.