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Kalu Ganga

Considered to be one of the more popular and biggest rivers on the island, the Kalu Ganga is an interesting place in which you can either have many adventures, or you could just bask in the amazing views of the river. This particular river is a great place to witness the flora and fauna of the southern coast, especially from Kalutara. From the rare birds that take refuge along the banks to the reptiles you can see swimming about, if you do partake in a boat ride, there is a lot to see and do along the Kalu Ganga.

The river is also a primary location to go sightseeing, as it is an idyllic route to witness the rustic side of the city. Moreover, the trip along the Kalu Ganga, especially during the early mornings and the late evenings are the best time to see some spectacular vistas since the sunrise and the sunset create paint the city of Kalutara in various shades. Couple that with the chirping birds and the friendly fishermen that go by until you reach the end journey at the Kalutara Bridge, and you have got yourself an amazing attraction to explore in the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

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