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If you’re dreaming of surf, sand and some water sports, Bentota is southern town located less than 2 hours from Colombo. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your kids in tow, this small town is ideal as a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bentota draws travellers around the world simply because the town is bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bentota River on the other, offering a variety of experiences, excursions, accommodation options and more.

Top Things to Do

Explore the top things to do in Bentota from exciting water sports adventures like jet skiing or scenic boat rides along the river.


The most famous attractions in and around Bentota vary from architectural masterpieces to natural wonders like the Bentota Lake.

Best Experiences in Bentota

An immersive experience in Bentota awaits the avid explorer.