Dambulla’s Cultural Splendour Dambulla’s Cultural Splendour Explore


Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, the small town of Dambulla is a treasure trove of religious artefacts and monuments, along with possessing evidence of prehistoric life in the country. Being in the crossroads of the major kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and even Kandy, the town has a slice of every kingdom that thrived, and is best showcased by the Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temples.

Top Things To Do

Wandering about the cave temples, the other archaeological excavations, along with the rustic beauty of the land will certainly leave you mesmerised.


Religious & cultural artefacts, and the town’s rustic beauty makes it the perfect place to understand the unique heritage of the island.

Best Experiences in Dambulla

Explore the many cave temples, the prehistoric archaeological sites, and the exotic beauty of the Cultural Triangle.