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Hatton is a small town tucked away in the hills of Sri Lanka. Since Hatton is 4,170 ft above sea level, it is much cooler than the rest of the island and was a favourite holiday spot for the British. Today Hatton is best known for its tea and magnificent nature; so wear your walking shoes and get ready to travel to Hatton and explore its charming attractions.

Top Things to Do Hatton

Traverse through the verdant mist-laden mountains of Hatton. The town is also the centre of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, visit a tea factory to learn about this century-old craft.

Key Attractions

Hatton is the perfect holiday destination for the more outdoorsy; it has mountain trails, waterfalls and lakes to explore all combined with myth and legend.

Best Experience in Hatton

Venture through the lush greenery of Hatton, or just enjoy a cup of Ceylon’s finest while you look over the surrounding vistas.