The Ancient Wonders of Anuradhapura The Ancient Wonders of Anuradhapura Explore


Anuradhapura is affectionately referred to as the ‘Garden of Dagobas’. Located in the heart of the Cultural Triangle, this ancient city was documented as the first kingdom of Sri Lanka, dating to the 4th century BC. It was during the peak of this kingdom that Buddhism became the established religion in the country, which is signified by the dominating structure of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya along with other temples and ruins dotted around the historic town. Stroll along the remnants of the past or cycle around the ancient kingdom instead.

Top Things To Do

Wander about the ruins of the ancient kingdom and reimagine a thriving civilisation unravel in front of your own eyes.


Possessing several monuments in the form of ancient temples, and religious artefacts, there are many remnants of a kingdom lost to time.

Best Experiences in Anuradhapura

Take a tour around the ruins of the ancient kingdom and journey through the peak and demise of the country’s first established capital.