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Beach Holidays

There’s no shortage of beaches on the sunny island of Sri Lanka, and with a a coastline of 1,340 kilometers.  The options are endless to choose from. Beach holidays in Sri Lanka offer you plenty of sun and fun, just remember to lather sunscreen on your skin to avoid a tropical burn. Whether you’re a surfer, snorkeler, sunbather, diver or simply a beach-wader, our Lankan beaches cater to every type of holiday seeker.

The best time to visit the beaches on the western side of the island are between the months of November to April, while the beaches on the eastern coast are best enjoyed between May to November. Some of the most scenic beaches are listed below, each having its own fond character.

  • Unawatuna  About five kilometers outside Galle, Unawatuna offers little bit of beach paradise. This beach is near the colonial town of Galle, which is also a excellent choice for great sightseeing. Sri Lanka was formerly a colony of the British, Portugal and Dutch. Galle was one of its main towns.
  • Talalla South – Another beach on the south coast, is starting to see development.  There are few restaurants and other tourist-catering businesses in the town. It’s the kind of beach where you will see other tourists, but you’ll see a lot more locals, especially kids, playing in the surf.
  • Tangalle is on the southern coast, and its colors make for great Instagram photos. It is a much laid back beach with lesser crowds. Nevertheless, the best will not cease to amaze.  Like many other beaches in Sri Lanka, the beach edge is lined with a dense grove of trees.
  • Nilaveli Beach  Located on the north-eastern part of Sri Lanka, it’s a 30-minute drive from the city of Trincomalee. A broad, sandy beach, lined with palm trees and dotted with fishermen’s boats. This tiny island has calm beaches with gentle surf due to its own small reef.
  • Passikuda  Beach – This mile-long beach on Passikuda Bay is perfect for swimming and wading. The surf is gentle, protected by a reef, unlike many beaches in Sri Lanka with rough surf. The water shallow, allowing you to walk out into the ocean for hundreds of yards. There is plenty of untouched beach to explore.

  • Arugam Bay is dramatic and beautiful. With bright white sand and deep blue water gradually becoming green the closer you get to the shore. With that beauty comes some of the best surf breaks in Sri Lanka, and the beach is known as an international surf destination. Its this reputation which brings many visitors but also means the area has a good tourist infrastructure and is easy to access.
  • Mirissa  – A 3- hour drive from Colombo, A southern coastal beach, which is one of the the largest fishing port on the south coast and sits right on the southern tip of the island. Its beauty and relative proximity to Colombo allows easy access to travelling to the small town beach. The small beach town backed by a dense grove of palm trees. Instagram worthy, is the spot on top of the hill that rises up overlooking the bay.
  • Uppuveli – It’s about five kilometers from Trincomalee, located on the island’s less developed area of the east coast. Uppuveli offers a truly remote, unspoiled beach experience. A secluded beach which offers you serenity and also sharing with friendly grazing cows resting.