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Bucket List of Things to do in Sri Lanka With Your Kids

It’s no secret that travelling with young kids can be quite challenging, to say the least. You want to visit a place that has activities suitable for kids, but at the same time those which aren’t boring for adults. If you’re currently facing this dilemma, don’t worry, Sri Lanka is the place for you- the country has a little bit of everything making it the perfect family holiday destination. 


Quite possibly the best-known city in Sri Lanka, Galle is definitely a must-visit. The city is most famous for the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galle Fort. The fort is a living time capsule; despite being built by the Portuguese in 1588, the fort saw the rise and fall of three colonial powers and has weathered many storms, much of the original architecture still remains. 

Things to do in Galle:

  • Wander through Galle Fort
  • Visit a turtle hatchery 
  • Go whale watching in the nearby town of Mirissa


Found in the heart of the Cultural Triangle, Sigiriya is known for its eponymous rock fortress. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress was built in the 5th century BC by King Kashyapa and it is a truly magnificent structure. This is also a great way for your kids to get a mix of the outdoor adventure combined with history and culture. 

Things to do in Sigiriya:


Hatton is nestled in the rolling green hills of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by acres of tea plantations and cloud forests, it was favoured by the colonial British due to its cool climate. The town is famed for its nature so it’s a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors or to just relax. Most of the excursions in and around Hatton are based outdoors, so it’s a good idea to take a pair of sneakers as you and your family will be doing a lot of trekking.

Things to do in Hatton:


Yala is another town on the south coast of Sri Lanka and it is home to the famed Yala National Park. Sri Lanka is celebrated for its rich biodiversity, so going on safari is a must. Your kids will love the anticipation of spotting some exotic animals which include elephants, deer, sloth bears, mugger crocodiles and leopards. 

Things to do in Yala:

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