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5 Places in Hatton you and your Pals will Love

While the coastal belt of Sri Lanka is the perfect place to start off adventures with your friends, the central highlands should also be a part of your group’s travel itinerary. The hill country has some unique features, one being the lush green mountain ranges that boast a variety of stunning flora and fauna. In addition to the mountain ranges, there are quite a few heritage sites which showcase the multicultural identity of the country. Here are five places in Hatton that your group of friends would love.

Adam’s Peak

The sacred Adam’s Peak is a mountain that is held dearly by every Sri Lankan, as it is mentioned in the doctrines of all the major religions in the island. As a result, the mountain has become a place of pilgrimage where Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians climb together to witness the large footprint at the summit. Many people, however, climb the mountain just to view the best sunrise in Sri Lanka. The hike up to the summit can be quite a task though since there are three specific routes to reach the top and approximately 7000 steps to reach the summit.

Castlereagh Reservoir

Surrounded by mist-shrouded mountains, the emerald waters of the Castlereagh Reservoir provide a tranquil escape for adventure seekers. Cruise along the waters on a kayak or a slow boat ride to admire the stunning surroundings of the reservoir!

Warleigh Church

Built in 1878 by the British, Warleigh Church is a stunning remnant from the past. While the church is a peaceful place to visit, it also holds some interesting history as it houses a bible that was first gifted to the church in 1879, making the place more special to visit.

Horton Plains National Park

Located near Hatton town, Horton Plains National Park is a favourite among any traveller journeying in the hill country. This national park is home to some of the island’s more prominent mountains, namely Thotupola Mountain and Kirigalpoththa Mountain. The park is perfect for you and your friends to camp or hike along! Along the trail, you’ll come across the park’s most famous attractions, World’s End and the stunning Baker’s Falls.

Laxapana Waterfall

While there are many waterfalls in the central highlands, the Laxapana Waterfall is one of those natural attractions that should not be missed. The mesmerising cascade plummets 126 metres and is the 8th largest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Hike to the summit or trek to the base with your friends, whether you’re planning a picnic or enjoying a refreshing dip in one of the icy natural pools instead.

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