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A Solo Guide To a Wellness Retreat In Sri Lanka

With a little bit of everything on offer, the island is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world to rest, relax and recuperate. If you’re planning to eat, pray and love your way around the island or simply a solo wellness retreat to Sri Lanka, here’s what you need to know to make your getaway more holistic and relaxing. 

1. Stay For A While

To enjoy Sri Lanka to the fullest and to end your holiday feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, stay for at least two weeks or more. The longer you stay, the better you can fully unwind and recenter your mind, body and soul. Also, if you stay for a longer period of time you can visit different wellness treats for different experiences.

2. Visit The Different Areas

As previously mentioned, the island has a little bit on everything to offer. A good idea would be to spend a few nights at a spa retreat in each region. 

The Beach
Sri Lankan beaches are synonymous with relaxation. Along the south coast of Sri Lanka, there are plenty of wellness retreats that combine outdoor-indoor living. Secluded areas like Koggala, in the Galle district, in particular are best for a retreat. 

The Hills
Found in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, the hill country is a beautiful escape from modern life. Escape to Nuwara Eliya or the less popular town of Haputale for your ‘me-time’. Admire the rolling green hills and revel in the peacefulness of the mountains.

The Jungles
The jungles are an excellent way to get back to nature. Enjoy a few days of rustic living and get back to nature, you’ll come out feeling refreshed and content. Explore Yala National Park or Minneriya National Park and reconnect with nature’s stunning surroundings. 

The Cultural Centre

Best known for all the major attractions in the region, the Cultural Triangle; whether in Kandy or Dambulla, is an excellent place for you to unwind. There are luxury wellness retreats which will definitely make you feel relaxed. 

3. Eat The Local Cuisine

Trying traditional Sri Lankan food is a must during your wellness holiday. People often assume Sri Lankan food is similar to Indian cuisine but this is not the case at all. The local food here draws from the many different cultures and ethnic groups, all the curries coconut milk-based and use a variety of exotic vegetables. For a more comprehensive list on the dishes, you must try, click here.

4. Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

Ayurveda is a traditional all-natural medicinal and holistic way of life. The products are used from various endemic plants and herbs, each made for a specific purpose. Around the island, you will find many Ayurvedic spas, especially in wellness retreats. Indulge in a spa treatment (or two!) to feel completely at peace.

5. Do… Nothing!

And finally, enjoy doing nothing! The great thing about a wellness retreat is that you’re not expected to do anything; life forces us to always be on the move, running from one place to another and working hard. It’s nice- and necessary- to take some time off and get back to basics. Switch off from the outside world and enjoy the peace of Sri Lanka.

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