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Eat, Pray, Love In Sri Lanka

Eat, Pray, Love has become a sort of cult philosophy after Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel (and later the movie with Julia Roberts) with the same title. The main character is in the search of the ‘balance of harmony’ and so she travels the world to find it. She spent a few months in Italy to enjoy life (eat); she went to India in search of spirituality (pray); finally ending her journey in Bali with the hope of falling in love/feeling content by herself. Instead of travelling around the world, you can actually discover the balance of harmony in Sri Lanka and here’s how. 

1. EAT

Sri Lanka is in no short supply of delicious food! The country is home to a number of religions and ethnic groups, each having a traditional dish that you must try while in Sri Lanka. Embark on a food adventure or simply try these.

Lamprais this is a dish that originated from the Dutch Burger community. It consists of yellow rice, a combination of meat, sambol and a moju which is a sort of pickle. Everything is tightly wrapped in a banana leaf and then steamed with an array of aromatic spices. Try this in Colombo

Kottu Roti – this is the epitome of Sri Lankan street food; Kottu for Sri Lankans is what hamburgers are for Americans. It is made of shredded godamba roti (a flatbread) and stir fried with egg, vegetables and sometimes cheese, and finally, it is served with a generous serving of chicken curry. Though available around the island, try it in Mirissa by the beach! 

Kiribath and Lunu Miris – Kiribath is rice that has been cooked in coconut milk, giving it a thick and sticky texture. Traditionally served on special/auspicious occasions, it is a popular breakfast dish and can be eaten with a variety of curries, but its most popular condiment is lunu miris- a sambol made of chillies, onion and lime juice. 


To get your dose of spirituality, indulge yourself in holistic experiences which are on offer all over Sri Lanka. Read our guide to planning your wellness retreat on the island. 

Ayurveda – this is a type of indigenous medicinal/holistic treatment. There are many ayurvedic spas around the whole island who offer Ayurveda treatments that use products that are 100% natural and made from endemic plants. After your treatment, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and blissfully content.

Yoga – Yoga is a big part of Sri Lanka and there are many yoga schools/camps scattered throughout the country. Yoga is an excellent way to help you learn how to balance and ground yourself. Yoga enthusiasts have a number of options to choose from; whether retreats on Weligama beach or one one in Kandy

Meditate – Meditation is another good way to help you find the balance of harmony. Most meditation retreats are found in beautiful locations like up in the rolling green hills or by the golden beaches, and you’ll feel at peace almost as soon as you arrive. One of the best spiritual journeys begins by discovering yourself from within and this is exactly what meditation encourages.


Finally, like Elizabeth Gilbert and Julia Roberts, the last stage of this journey is love. As you explore the island, you’ll test your limitations and learn to fall in love with yourself (and our country too!). Nothing makes you more content than truly loving and accepting yourself, so this final stage seeks to just spark joy within you. 

Beach there’s no greater and more peaceful feeling than lying on a gorgeous beach with waves gently lapping against the golden sand, slowly washing away the stresses of your everyday life too. Explore the south coast beaches of Sri Lanka and try your hand at surfing on Sri Lanka’s world-class waves. 

Mountains the misty mountains of Sri Lanka consist of tall peaks covered by lush green forests. The hill country is the ideal place for you to appreciate a moment of silence and solitude in nature. 

Jungle definitely explore the jungles in Sri Lanka. There are over 22 national parks on the island which house many exotic animals from elephants, sloth bears and leopards. Go on safari in Yala National Park (or any one of the others in the island) and fall in love with amazing Sri Lanka. 


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