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Food Adventures In Sri Lanka

The best part about travelling to any country, has to be the exotic variety of food to try out – at least for foodies it might be! Sri Lanka’s local food caters to a number of preferences and diets whether you’re a meat-eater, pescatarian or a vegetarian. With a love for spice, most of the dishes will need to be enjoyed with a cold glass of water, but they’ll have you begging for seconds. When travelling in a group, you can always try a larger mix of local food, making the experience twice as fun and exotic.


Jaffna has made its mark in the foodie world for one main reason – the mouth-watering crab curry dish that has attracted travellers from around the island and the world, to sample its exotic flavours. The Jaffna crab curry is a bowl of flavours perfectly concocted to create the best crab you’ve ever had – usually enjoyed with a serving of hot rice and vegetables. Vegetarians and vegans will also find plenty of options to choose from in Jaffna.

Visit Jaffna’s main attractions in-between meals; it’ll give you plenty of time to digest before trying out more local delights.


Famous for a multitude of seafood options, Negombo is THE place to be if you prefer to eat your seafood as soon as it’s caught. Drop by the Negombo Fish Market and take your pick on the fresh variety laid out in front of you. If you’re strapped for time, step into a local restaurant by the beach to enjoy freshly made seafood.


The main hub for all thing ‘Sri Lankan’, Colombo is the commercial capital and more often than not, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety of food options here. From local delights to international flavours; you can embark on a world culinary tour within the city itself. Some of the famous dishes in the city are kottu, the crispy hopper, the delectable rice and curry (sold at almost every local restaurant) and the variety of quick snacks to munch on as you travel.


Another seafood haven, the southern town of Mirissa offers diners a spicy mix of options to choose from. The locals in the town (compared to most other towns) love their chilli and will not hesitate to add a bit in. Vastly different in taste and flavour from the main cities of Negombo or Jaffna, the food in Mirissa will have you craving for more with every bite.


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