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Bentota Lake

Bentota Lake sits sandwiched between the town’s coast and the main city. There are restaurants on its shore from where guests can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the beautiful views over the lake, and possibly sight birds and fish from the surrounding area. The lake is ideal for those looking for a break from the sport and tourist activities of its larger and more popular neighbours, such as the Bentara River and Bentota’s beach.

Situated on the southern bank of the Bentara River, Bentota is a coastal town that is a major tourist attraction for visitors to Sri Lanka. The name of the town is said to be derived from the name of a demon called “Bem”, who ruled over the “tota”, which means “river bank”. Bentota is also known for being home to one of the best beaches on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. There are several luxury hotels and facilities available within the town, as well as plenty of budget options, making it an ideal location for vacationers looking to relax and idle by the water. Near Bentota Lake, Bentota’s beach is best known for water sports such as snorkelling, diving, water-skiing, sailing, wind-surfing and fishing. For those inclined to enjoy a less adrenaline-fuelled visit, the pristine sandy white shores of the beach are edged by tropical palm trees and are perfect for relaxing under, out of the rays of the sun.