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Fun Things to do with your Kids

Family vacations should have something great for everyone, and that, of course, includes children! If you’re wondering about what Sri Lanka has to offer that would keep your child entertained and maybe even help them learn something new, here is a list we’ve compiled to help you plan out your family vacation.

1. Try Sri Lankan desserts

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s dessert! And Sri Lanka has tons of delicious desserts that are worth trying. One such dessert is pani walalu, a sweet doughy snack that’s reminiscent of funnel cakes coated in treacle. Another must-try dessert is wattalapam, a Malay pudding made with eggs, local spices, coconut milk, and more. It’s widely popular amongst children and adults alike. Arsmi is a sweet snack that has the texture of dry vermicelli and is made of rice flour with sugar syrup drizzled on top. It’s a light dessert that’s not overly sweet, so you don’t have to worry about post-sugar episodes.

2. Tuk-tuk rides

A key attraction in Sri Lanka is the unusual mode of transport known as three-wheelers, or tuk-tuks, which are tiny vehicles capable of fitting about 4 average-sized people, one being the driver.

There’s no A/C, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of zooming around the country with the wind blowing away your worries. It’s also great for sight-seeing, especially as tuk-tuks have great maneuverability and can access roads other modes of transportation can’t.

3. Beachside fun

Sri Lanka has tons of beaches, and many of them are quite safe for children. Bentota, Pasikudah, and Jungle Beach are all child-friendly spots where you wouldn’t have to worry too much about random riptides all over the place. They’re also more secluded and the inlets provide a safe swimming area for children to paddle about in. Sri Lanka has very few dangerous jellyfish, if any at all, in the waters encompassing it, and the same goes for aggressive shark species, which are extremely rare near the shores of these beaches.

4. Visit the Elephant Orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, located in Kegalle, is a great place to watch the local elephants and learn about their behaviours. The goal of this orphanage was to relocate orphaned and displaced elephants and protect them. The sanctuary is an ideal setting for them, with the Maha Oya providing them with all the water they need and lush greenery all around. Visitors can safely feed and interact with the giants, which is perfect for children who are inquisitive about the creatures.

5. Drop by the Dehiwala zoo

The Dehiwala zoo is a place every Sri Lankan child gets excited about because of the sheer number of animals we don’t get to see easily anywhere else. From penguins to seals, and even bears, the zoo hosts nearly 3,000 animals. If you’re not keen on wildlife safaris or travelling around the country to witness the local wildlife in their natural habitats, this is the next best option. Here you can find dozens of endemic species of Sri Lankan fauna. There’s even a petting zoo where your child could interact safely with animals.

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