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Things to do on a Rainy Day with your kids

As it is a tropical country, unexpected showers are unavoidable. There is no such thing as an ironclad plan out in the sun when in Sri Lanka. Despite the prevalence of unbearably sunny days in the country, random showers do occur from time to time. These do indeed have a tendency to spoil plans for the day, but not to worry. There’s plenty of things you could do with the family on a rainy day in Colombo.

1. Drop in at a local cafe

There are tons of cafes in and around Colombo, and new ones seem to pop up every day. Some popular local cafes include Bakes by Bella, which is known for the decadent shakes and excellent brunch, Butter Boutique, famous for their delightful tres leches, and The Cakery, which is a quaint cafe with a mini library so you can sit and read books. But the best part about Sri Lankan cafes is that you could always find a classic coffee shop treat but with a Sri Lankan twist.

2. Take a traditional art class

Sri Lanka is as much a country of artisans as it is a country of kings. Throughout its history, Sri Lanka has adopted or created and refined various artforms that it calls its own. Traditional Sri Lankan masks are one such artform that is heavily embedded in local rituals. The masks come in various shapes and sizes, painted in vibrant colours with elaborate patterns. Alternatively, you could try out a pottery class. Pottery is one of the oldest artforms in Sri Lanka, and this branches out to include vases and terracotta figurines.

3. Visit the museums

There are many museums in Colombo, covering everything from ancient royalty to maritime history. If you want to know more about Sri Lanka, its biodiversity, the wars, or its history in general, visiting a museum is a great place to start. Some of the museums you could drop by include the National Museum of Natural History, especially if you’d like to learn about the local flora and fauna, the National Museum, which exhibits ancient artefacts, and the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Museum, dedicated entirely to aviation and the history of the SLAF.

4. Have some local food delivered

Thanks to services like Uber Eats and PickMe Food, there are so many food options at our fingertips. The vast array of restaurant options, and in turn, their menus, will have you spoilt for choice. A rainy day during which you’re stuck at home provides the ideal opportunity for you and your family to try some local treats, so be daring! Take a leap of faith and order some spicy kottu or biriyani.

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