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Richmond Castle

Built in the early 1900s, The Richmond Castle was once the mansion of the local mudaliyar, and is one of the many places in the southern coast of the island that narrates the long heritage of the country. The mudaliyar who built it wanted the structure to stand out from the rest of the structures in the area, thus making him adopt an Edwardian design. The complex is also home to an elaborate garden and a picturesque view of the Kalu Ganga, making it one of the few places in the city that can be easily traced back to the colonial days.

Unfortunately, the grand Richmond Castle was abandoned a few years after the local mudaliyar wed his wife. Due to their inability to conceive children, the marriage quickly fell apart. On his death bed, the mudaliyar requested that his home be converted to a children’s home.

Although the property is still being managed for homeless children, visitors can enjoy a stroll through the garden and admire its beautiful architecture. The Richmond Castle is open to the public, with its garden being a park for many families and the youth to engage in some recreation. Moreover, the main building itself is a museum that can be visited by anyone interested in learning about the origins of the building. 

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