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Palace of King Parakramabahu

Once towering at 7 stories, and believed to have around 1,000 chambers, the Palace of the great King Parakramabahu is a reminder of just how great the kingdom was. Built in the 12th century AD, this unique palace was also shared with his ministers, generals and servants. The prosperous kingdom, however, was subjected to constant Chola invasions in the 14th century, which in turn resulted in the kingdom to shift to the region of Ruhuna in the south of the island. This unfortunate event resulted in the magnificent palace to be plundered and razed to the ground, never to be rebuilt again. Although no longer boasting its original grandeur, the palace is still a testament to the architectural craftsmanship of the ancient kingdom, and still has an intimate connection to the country’s illustrious history due to its association with the great King Parakramabahu.

What can be witnessed now is only parts of the brick walls and ruins of elegant sculptures that adorned the palace. However, it is still possible to reimagine the palace during its heyday, as the entrance walls still stand. Do take your time when exploring the complex, as you would find some intriguing structures that narrate the stories of old, and explain a thriving kingdom rich in culture, art, and engineering ingenuity.