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Things to do in Sri Lanka for your Honeymoon

Choosing the perfect place to match different vacation-personalities can be a tough call to make in general, but this is especially the case when choosing a honeymoon destination that caters to the individual preferences of a newly-married couple. From the intrepid traveller, who wants to cover as many landmarks as they can, to the relaxed tourist who prefers to kick back and soak up the local culture and cuisine, the island is a haven for every type of traveller. While we have our favourite spots to head to, here are four romantic things that you can do in Sri Lanka during your honeymoon!


Visit a Tea Estate

Sri Lanka’s most famous export is its tea, and the culture of tea-drinking is deeply ingrained within its people. From the mist-covered hills of Kandy to lush greenery of Nuwara Eliya, you won’t want to miss a tour through some of the country’s beautiful tea estates.

In addition to being a key factor of Sri Lankan identity, walking through the tea estates is pretty relaxing. You’ll find workers skilfully pinching leaves from tea plants and placing them in their baskets, before being transported to the factory for processing. Visit the tea factory to learn the art of how Ceylon tea is made and after your guided tour of, you can wander through the lush green trails while the sun sets over the horizon, creating an amazingly romantic atmosphere for you and your partner to enjoy.

Cycle through an Ancient City

What could be more romantic than exploring the beautiful old ruins of an ancient kingdom with your partner? The ruins of Polonnaruwa are a must-see for any visitor to Sri Lanka, and both of you are bound to enjoy everything this historic town has to offer. 

Walking through this extensive UNESCO World Heritage site sounds too tiring? Don’t worry! Polonnaruwa’s ruins are spread over an area that is more compact than Anuradhapura, and you can travel between these ruins by car. If you would like more romantic photos of your journey, however, just rent a bicycle! There are plenty of places nearby where you can rent a bike to travel through the ancient city. Set aside at least four hours of your day to cycle through these ruins at a leisurely pace – you won’t regret it!


Relax on the Beach

As an island, Sri Lanka has plenty of stunning beaches to choose from. If both you and your partner prefer the idea of relaxing under the sun to the pleasant sound of waves crashing onto the shore, Sri Lanka’s beaches are one of the best places to be. 

With snorkelling tours, surfing lessons and fresh seafood served from the ocean to your plate, the beach is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples looking to get away from it all. The south coast features beaches, each with its own unique atmosphere, that are only a ten-minute drive away from each other. Hop from the beaches of Unawatuna to Mirissa, and hit up everything in between – or just pick your favourite, sit back, and enjoy! 


A Safari through a National Park

Sri Lanka is one of 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, and its wildlife is something that you definitely won’t want to miss. From leopards and monkeys to sloth bears and elephants, book a safari at one of the many national parks in the country. You can easily book a private safari jeep for you and your partner, allowing you to share in the awesome wonder of Sri Lanka’s wildlife together. Head to Yala National Park if you want to see leopards – or go to Minneriya National Park during the dry season to catch The Gathering, where more than 300 Sri Lankan elephants gather together around the Minneriya tank. Either way, your honeymoon is going to be all the more amazing for catching sight of these amazing animals. 

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