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Travelling Solo? A Girl’s Guide to Travelling in Sri Lanka

It’s definitely no secret that Sri Lanka is a backpacker’s paradise. The island’s small size along with its wide variety of activities on offer makes it both easy and fun to explore the island. However, if you’re a female travelling alone to Sri Lanka for the first time, you undoubtedly have a sense of trepidation. This blog gives you 7 things you need to know while travelling around the island. 

  1. There are some items which you should carry with you at all times:
  • Sanitary products – while you can buy whatever you need in the cities, it’s a good idea to always have some with you especially when you go to more rural areas because it can be quite tough to get it at the last minute.
  • Toilet roll/ wipes – most places in Sri Lanka have hand showers available, but some forget to keep loo roll! To avoid trouble just carry some with you at all times. 
  • A reusable bottle – this is a great tip for when you go on long journeys and sightseeing. Instead of buying plastic bottles as you go, use this more sustainable option. 
  • A long skirt/sarong – when entering a Buddhist temple, women are not allowed to wear short skirts and shorts. Bare legs and shoulders must be covered otherwise you won’t be allowed in. 
  1. The way you dress unfortunately plays a big role when it comes to backpacking through Sri Lanka. Dress modestly, especially you’re travelling by bus or by train, maybe wear a pair of long pants or a long skirt to avoid unwanted attention. 
  1. Everyone is really friendly in Sri Lanka, so wherever you go you are sure to find a smiling face and a helping hand. However, some men can be a little too friendly; they may stare at you or persistently try to get your name and phone number. If you do find yourself in an uncomfortable situation like this, either ignore them or tell them to back off. 
  1. Make friends along the way, this is the best tip for solo female travellers. Make friends in your hostel or homestay so that you know you will have a companion during your travels.
  1. Know when it’s not okay to be alone. Sri Lanka is safe for the most part and it’s okay for girls to travel alone. When you’re travelling just be smart; take all the necessary precautions you’d normally do as you would when travelling around any country for the first time. If you’re going out for drinks or party, why don’t you leave with some of the friends you make in your hostel? The main thing is to just take care of yourself and be aware of your surroundings. 
  1. Carry loose change with you. This is a great practice to have because otherwise, tuk-tuk drivers may scam you saying that they don’t have any change and you’ll end up overpaying!
  2. Don’t avoid the city. Normally when people visit the island they avoid spending time the commercial capital- Colombo. Take the time to explore this city which is home to some interesting historical sites and amazing hostels. Here’s a list of things to do in Colombo.

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