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St. Mary’s Cathedral

Built in 1852, St. Mary’s Cathedral of Trincomalee is a unique place of worship in the coastal town of Trincomalee, as it is a kaleidoscope of white and blue that is a hallmark of the diverse ethnic groups that dwell within its boundaries. One of the highlights of the cathedral is the neo-baroque frontage that is a great example of the early colonisers. Within the place of worship are some intriguing portraits of saints.

Come the festive seasons of Easter, Christmas and the New Year, and the cathedral comes to life with celebration, lights and many festivities that showcase the multiculturalism that thrives within the city of Trincomalee. Make sure you make this particular religious complex one place to visit, as it is a unique piece of architecture and a vestige that reverberates the intriguing identity of the city. Keep in mind though that it is a religious place, so make sure that you dress and behave accordingly.