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A Surfer’s Map to Finding the Best Surf Breaks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is gifted with some of the finest beaches in South Asia, which are perfect for many water sport activities, one of them being surfing. In fact, some beaches are even used as venues to hold international surfing competitions that attract the best surfers from around the world. But where exactly are these surfing destinations? Here is a list of the best surf breaks in Sri Lanka that are perfect for surfing enthusiasts.


Located just a few kilometres down south from the heritage city of Galle, Weligama is a small town that has just one main attraction, the beach. Catering mainly to the novice surfer, the surf breaks here are quite small and perfect for individuals who are just trying their hand in the activity. Moreover, the breaks are predictable, which makes it all the more enticing for the beginner surfer. The soft sea bed and gentle waves provide the perfect settings for beginner surfers. Those who wish to, can take lessons from one of many surf schools dotted on the beach. The season for surfing in Weligama often occurs from the beginning of September till the end of May.


Just a few kilometres away from the town of Weligama, lies the town of Mirissa, which is an idyllic place for many beach goers and more intermediate surfers alike. This is because Mirissa Beach is known to have some big surf breaks, which require a level of skill and confidence to take on. 

If you can time it right, you can take on a six-feet tall right-hand swell over the reef break, or you could also take on a similar left hand swell near the harbour. Of course, these surf breaks may differ according to the tides, however, it is still some of the best surf breaks in the southern coastal belt. Couple that with the many other activities in the area, and you have got yourself the perfect beach getaway too. The surfing season in Mirissa lasts from November to March.


The small village town of Midigama, located in the south western coast of the island is perfect for both the intermediate and pro surfers. Since it is a village, there are much fewer crowds of tourists, which is perfect for many surfers to take full advantage of the surf breaks.

There are two aptly named surf breaks that are great for many reasons. The ‘Lazy Left’ is a long surf break that is often quite slow and is quite predictable, hence the ‘lazy’. However, it is nothing short of fun for the intermediate surfer. ‘Ram’s Right’, on the other hand, is a more challenging break as it is a large swell that ends in the coral reef. The months beginning from October till the end of April is when the season for surfing normally lasts.

Arugam Bay

If you are that pro surfer looking to take on some challenging swells, then Arugam bay is your best bet. Located in the south eastern coast of the island, the area has many special breaks that have unique characteristics for surfers.

The places such as the Whiskey Point and the Pottuvil Point are considered to be the most challenging of the lot in Arugam Bay, since the surf breaks are often quite unpredictable and also are quite large. However, one thing that is guaranteed is the adrenaline filled fun you will experience. If you are an intermediate surfer, the Crocodile Rock and Main Point are the best places, as the breaks are predictable and much smaller. Arugam Bay’s surfing season starts from July till the end of September.


The eastern town of Trincomalee is considered to be one of the best places to indulge in water sports activities due to the safe waters, the amazing surroundings, and of course, the surfing activity. Much like Arugam Bay, Trincomalee is the ideal place for the more experienced surfer, as these surf breaks are often quite large and are located near the coral reef. 

What makes Trincomalee an important destination for the surfer is the fact that the beaches are not that crowded, when compared to Arugam Bay. Therefore, you are provided with a more exclusive experience as opposed to its eastern counterpart. Moreover, you could also partake in other water sports like diving, and snorkelling to name but two other activities, which can be a welcome change of pace too. The beaches in Trincomalee are perfect for surfing during the months beginning from May till the end of September.

Sri Lanka, is a surfer’s paradise, regardless of whether you are a pro or not. Furthermore, this list of surfing destinations will allow you to find the right place to put your skills to the test.

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