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Silver Beach

Sri Lanka is an island known for its tropical beach holidays, offering experiences ranging from the relaxing beach towns on its southern coasts to the more bustling cities that press up against the sand on its western borders. In Chilaw, a large town located 80 kilometres away from Colombo in Sri Lanka’s North Western Province, the Silver Beach attracts visitors from miles around for its pristine shores and balmy waves. 

Gleaming Coastline and Amazing Sunsets

Named for the way that the sunlight hits its gleaming coastline after the waves wash out, Chilaw Silver Beach is a public beach that offers stunning views of the sunset beyond its waters. The fine glimmering sand can be seen from miles around. Nearby, the Chilaw Beach Park offers guests a chance to take a relaxing stroll along the water’s edge, on a pathway fringed by huge coconut trees that lean over visitors to peer down at the waves.

Best Season to Visit

Sri Lanka’s weather is dictated by two distinct monsoon seasons, each of which hits different parts of the island at different points in the year. To best enjoy Chilaw and its Silver Beach, visitors should aim to travel between October to March, when Sri Lanka’s southern and western coasts enjoy a more temperate climate; or more specifically, try to travel between January and March, when the seas are calmer and more inviting.

Other Attractions to Visit