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A Solo Guide For Travelling Through Kitulgala

Located in the western province of the country, Kitulgala is mostly known to be the best place for white water rafting. If you’re the backpacker with a taste for discovering the lesser-known spots on the island – or with an appetite for adventure, here’s our guide to travelling through this remote town and the best experiences that await you. 

For the Adventure Enthusiast

Without a doubt, the best thing about Kitulgala is its nature. Whether you need to ‘find yourself’ or simply prefer to nourish your soul with some natural therapy, it’s the ideal destination for solo travellers.  The town has numerous certified adventure camps which offer a whole host of thrilling activities making it a great hub for adrenaline junkies.

As  Kitulgala is Sri Lanka’s premier white-water rafting destination with varying rapids to suit rafters of all levels, it’s a definite must-try! Interested in learning more about white water rafting? Read our quick guide first!

Trekking is another popular activity, whether through tea or rubber estates or along a thick, wild forest, whatever you choose you are guaranteed to see an interesting mix of flora and fauna. Discover more attractions in Kitulgala during your solo backpacking adventures.

For the History Buffs

Remnants from Sri Lanka’s rich history makes for an enlightening journey. In Kitulgala, tucked away in the forest, you will find the Belilena Cave, which is one of the country’s largest prehistoric caves. Recent excavations revealed several fossils that are said to be over 32,000 years old! Stroll through rubber estates before arriving at the cave for a quick history lesson. 

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll love exploring the Cultural Triangle too during your holiday too.

For the Foodies

If one of the main reasons you travel to new countries is to enjoy its varied, mouth-watering local dishes, then Sri Lanka will be one of your favourite places (and you’ll always want to come back too!). Each town features tiny roadside food vendors serving up a feast of snacks to munch on and you journey around the country. Some popular dishes are vegetable roti, kottu roti, vades or even traditional rice and curry. These exotic flavours are unique to the island, and should definitely be experienced by the adventurous traveller. 

Here are some delectable dishes to try on the island.

Wondering How to Get Around?

Kitulgala is approximately 1.5 hours away from the Colombo International Airport. While the most convenient option is driving, you can also take a bus to the town. To get around town, tuk-tuks are the best option for you; they’re fast and know the route to any place!

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