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Fun Things To Do In Ella When It’s Raining

Ella is a beautiful town nestled on the southern edge of the Sri Lankan hill country. It is one of the most picturesque corners of the island, surrounded by verdant rolling hills, and a hiker’s paradise. While the best things to do in Ella are mainly outdoor activities, if you find yourself blessed with the monsoon rains, here are some of things you could do to pass the time.

Go To The Spa

A spa day is always a welcomed treat, but there’s something even more therapeutic about visiting the spa on a rainy day in Ella. You’ll have numerous options to choose from combining traditional treatments as well as Ayurvedic treatments. If you spent your previous days hiking various mountains and hills of Ella, a spa experience will be the perfect way to relax and rest those weary muscles.

Visit A Tea Factory

Most of the mountains around Ella are covered in a thick green carpet of tea plants, so tea obviously has a significant role in the town’s identity. While you’re here, you should definitely visit a tea factory and partake in an enriching tea tour. Learn about the intricate process of manufacturing Ceylon’s finest, before enjoying a warm cup of Ceylon tea yourself.

Eat At A Roadside Cafe

A hallmark of Ella is that you will find a chic roadside cafe at every turn! The town is dotted with a whole host of roadside cafes which offer a range of different cuisines from Sri Lankan, East Asian and Western. However, the crowning glory of Ella is its roadside roti huts, these offer an authentic taste of Sri Lanka and it is a quintessential Sri Lankan experience– try the chocolate roti which is a testament to the island’s multicultural way of life!

Go On A Tea Tasting Tour

Another fun tea related activity you could do in Ella is go on a tea tasting tour. Here you will be given a variety of different blends and flavours. One major thing that affects the taste and colour of tea is the altitude on which the tea plants are grown in, this tour will teach you how to taste the difference of low-country tea and up-country tea. You will be a Ceylon tea expert after this!

Learn How To Cook A Traditional Sri Lankan Meal

Finally, food is the heart and soul of Sri Lankan culture; traditional Sri Lankan food draws from all the different ethnicities within the country. Learn how to make a few Sri Lankan dishes so that you can impress your friends when you go back with an exotic curry or two or even a kottu roti!

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