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Little Adam’s Peak

Named after its resemblance to the iconic Adam’s Peak/Sri Pada, Little Adam’s Peak is its smaller brother and a must-visit when in Ella. The hike to the top of Little Adam’s Peak is fairly easy; the peak is 1141m high, so it is more of a two-hour-long leisurely walk. It is also incredibly easy to find the path to Little Adam’s Peak since it is clearly marked – just off the main road and right next to 98 Acres Resort and Spa– where you must stop after your hike, for a tea or even a meal. The hike begins on relatively flat ground and it is quite picturesque as you’re surrounded by tea bushes, and the higher you go, the steeper the trail, so it’s best advised to wear a pair of walking shoes. Despite the minimal effort needed for the trek, the view from the top is truly magnificent, as you overlook a deep valley and its surrounding hills – leaving you breathless.