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Nine Arches Bridge

This is perhaps the most iconic structure in Ella and definitely the most instagrammed one! The Nine Arches Bridge, fondly referred to as the Bridge in the Sky, is a viaduct bridge that was constructed in 1921 and is the perfect example of colonial infrastructure in Sri Lanka. It would be a grave disservice to say this bridge is beautiful; the magnificent stone bridge stands tall in between a valley and  is flanked by thick jungle on one end and trimmed tea bushes on the other end. You can either walk along the train tracks- don’t worry, there is a guard to warn you about oncoming trains- or you can walk amongst the tea plants under the bridge– either way it will be a great excursion. For many years the bridge merely existed between Ella and Demodara, until it was suddenly transformed into the most popular tourist attraction in Ella. It really captures the essence of Sri Lanka as there is a jovial atmosphere all around with train goers smiling and waving at the onlookers and vice versa.