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3 Easy Mountains To Hike With Your Kids

Hiking a mountain, as an experience can really exhaust you, but hiking with your kids might just redefine that term. If you’re a family of adventure-seekers, then Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for keen explorers of all ages. While there are some mountains that aren’t exactly ‘family-friendly’, here are some peaks you can conquer with the kids.

1. Little Adam’s Peak, Ella

Ella is a quaint town surrounded by mountains of tea plantations, with little shops and cafes, and the road leading to Little Adam’s Peak is just off the main road. The hike is fairly manageable for children above the age of six (roughly). It’s about a 4.5 km hike, which should ideally take you around one hour to get through, that’s if your kids aren’t being too fussy. Remember to pack snacks to make the experience more enjoyable! The last 20 mins can be a little steep so it may be advisable to take a stick with you to help you on your way down.

2. Laxapana Falls

Situated in the Maskeliya area, Laxapana Falls is a must when you’re in Hatton. It is one of Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfalls, and it truly is a sight to see, but instead of a proper mountain hike, the climb to Laxapana is through a long staircase. Keep in mind that because of the waterfall, the pathway tends to be a little wet and slippery, so wear proper shoes! Remind your kids to be careful when running around too and keep them close to you. Also, because of the high water flow of Laxapana, it is advised that you don’t swim under the waterfall, instead, we recommend you and your family take a few snacks to enjoy near the waterfall before you begin your journey down. Here are some local treats that your kids will love to munch on during the hike.

Planning to spend a bit more time in Hatton? Here are some other exciting things to do with your kids in Hatton.

3. Horton Plains National Park

Another popular attraction around Hatton is the famous Horton Plains National Park. Here, you and your family can take a trail which will take you through the park’s wilderness and you will finally end up at the cliff edge, commonly known as World’s End. The park has a diverse range of flora — different to the rest of the island; and is home to many animals, and you are almost guaranteed to see a Sambar deer. It is also a bird-watching paradise. However, keep in mind not to touch or feed any of the wild animals in the park, as this could be fatal to them.

4. Important Things You Need

Before you hike with your kids, ensure you have a few things packed with you. Snacks are essentials; especially something sweet, and carry plenty of water. A first aid kit will also come in handy, just in case of a little accident and someone scrapes their knee on the uneven terrain. Wear proper footwear and clothing that’s easy to move around in too.

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