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5 awesome group activities in Ella

Located in the central highlands of the island, Ella is one of the most picturesque destinations in Sri Lanka, as it is home to some unique natural attractions that are steeped in legendary myth. Moreover, Ella is at the epicentre for adventure enthusiasts as it is home to some of the more popular mountains and waterfalls that offer both easy and difficult trails. Here are just five great activities that you could engage in with your pals when in Ella.

Climb Little Adam’s Peak

Considered to be one of the easier mountains to climb and one of the more accessible hiking trails in Ella, Little Adam’s Peak is a small mountain that allows you and your friends to witness a panoramic view of the central hills of Sri Lanka. Plan your journey as such that you reach the summit right when the sun rises, or sets, as the vistas are simply breathtaking.

Most of the path to the summit is fairly easy to trek thanks to a stairway. However, keep in mind that the closer you get to the summit, the stairway does deteriorate. Extra care is required as you make your way to the peak.

Trek Through the Wilderness of Ella Rock

While Little Adam’s Peak is considered to be one of the easiest mountains to climb in the area, Ella Rock is considered to be one of the more difficult ones. The trail is located a few kilometres away from the town and is tucked away near the Kithal Ella railway station.

The hike will require you to hire a local guide due to the difficulty in traversing through the terrain. Do keep in mind that the hike can be long and challenging one, especially if you are starting from the centre of Ella town, so carry plenty of water and snacks to keep you replenished. The summit of Ella Rock provides some of the best views of the mountain range. If the skies are clear enough, you might even be able to view the southern coast of Hambantota on the horizon.

Explore the Nine Arch Bridge

Built in 1921, the viaduct bridge just outside the Ella town, aptly named the ‘Nine Arch Bridge’ is an engineering marvel, as it is made solely from stone. The bridge can be visited through a number of hiking routes that vary in certain difficulties, providing you and your friends a great adventurous opportunity.

Study the local train timetable before you head out, so that you can make it in time to watch the train chug along the rustic bridge, providing the perfect photo opportunity!

Waterfall Hunting

The mountains are often the highlight of Ella, however, another feature of Ella is the many exemplary waterfalls around the area, which are perfect for a quick cold dip! Brave the icy waters and enjoy a refreshing dip in one of the many waterfalls in the area. Follow this guide to chasing waterfalls. The mythical Ravana Ella Falls is one such interesting waterfall that is believed to have been used by King Ravana to hide Princess Sita, according to the ancient Ramayana chronicles. The waterfalls, namely the Ella Wala Falls, and the Secret Waterfall may not have such a story, however, the fact that it is surrounded by the thick jungles of Ella, which is only found by hiking through nature trails, makes it some of the best adventure spots in the town.

Stroll Through the Spice Gardens and Learn the Culinary Arts

While there is plenty of adventure out there, Ella is also a good place to engage in some interesting recreational activities. The Ella Spice Garden, which is situated in the heart of the town enables you to understand the various spices grown in the island, and its uses. Moreover, you and your friends could also partake in a cooking class to try your hand in creating some of the island’s finest spicy dishes. The gardens also have these unique spices for sale, which are great to take back home!

Teeming with so much activity to indulge in, Ella is a place where you and your friends are guaranteed a memorable journey. However, if you’re strapped for time and got only a day to explore this misty town, follow our guide on how to spend a day in Ella.

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