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East Coast Adventures You Can’t Miss

1. Cook Crab Curry

Learn how to cook this island favourite. Using locally sourced ingredients, and with the help of a local, cook crab curry along with a variety of other side dishes to suit your preferences. Once you’re done, sit down and prepare to embark on an exotic gastronomic journey of the finest flavours and mouth-watering spices of Sri Lanka.

2. Catamaran cruises in Trinco

Set sail along the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean on an early morning adventure in search of the giants of the sea. From blue whales to spinner dolphins, keep your eyes open for the swift, fast and mesmerizing beasts that thrive off the coast of Trincomalee. The ideal time for whale watching in Trincomalee is between the months of March and April or August and September.

3. Kayak in Pasikuda Bay

During peak season, the Pasikuda bay is gentle and ideal for leisurely swims. However, if you prefer to be gliding along the waters instead, hop aboard a kayak and paddle your way around the shallow coast of Pasikuda.

4. Snorkel at Pigeon Island

Grab your snorkelling gear and head over to Pigeon Island for a day of fun and excitement. The waters surrounding this islet are teeming with a myriad of marine life from sea turtles and reef sharks to colourful coral and shoals of reef fish.

5. Visit Fort Frederik

After a day of snorkelling, head back to the mainland enjoy a walk around Fort Frederik. This old fort was built by the Portuguese during their occupation of the island. One of the more popular inhabitants of the fort are the Sri Lankan spotted deer; who can often be seen grazing within the ramparts.