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September 2019 Updates

On-Ground Updates

27 September 2019

  • Jobs and a better future through tourism: women in the Sri Lankan labour market
    World Tourism Day is commemorated each year on 27 September, and is organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to create awareness on the tourism industry’s positive contribution to destinations. Sri Lanka’s tourism administration too will be having numerous awareness forums to spread positive messages on the impact on the country’s economy… Read more via Daily FT.

19 September 2019

  • Resilient Sri Lanka reports positive GDP growth despite Easter Sunday terror attacks
    Sri Lanka has reported GDP growth of 1.6% in the second quarter ended June 30, 2019. This positive growth has been reported despite the country’s tourist industry being virtually shut down after the Easter Sunday terror attacks. Read more via Lanka Business Online.

18 September 2019

  • World surfs in Sri Lanka
    The upcoming ‘So Sri Lanka Pro’ professional surfing event set for Arugam Bay, popular for its magnificent surf, has been extremely well received by professional surfers from all over the world. The international professional surfing competition is to be held in Arugam Bay from September 23 to 29. Read more via Daily News.

10 September 2019

  • Sri Lanka expects 150,000 visitors in September
    Sri Lanka is expecting around the same level of visitors as last year Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau chief Kishu Gomez said, as the industry continues to recover from Easter Sunday blasts. Sri Lanka has welcomed about 4,400 tourists a day in the first eight days of September, he said. Read more via EconomyNext.

3 September 2019

  • Lifting Sri Lanka’s ‘state of emergency’
    Four months on from the brutal Easter Sunday terror attacks, Sri Lanka finally lifted its national state of emergency on August 22, 2019. While there has been much hype about what this means for economic productivity and tourism gains, the move has also sent a strong message about the state of peace and security within the nation. Read more via Daily Mirror.