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May 2019 Updates

On-Ground Updates


31st May 2019


30th May 2019


29th May 2019


28th May 2019


27th May 2019


26th May 2019


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25th May 2019



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  • Under 19 cricket tournament kicks off in Sri Lanka soon, under 19 team from Pakistan arrives
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  • Candid interviews with Tourists at the Sri Lanka international Airport.

US travel blogger in Sri Lanka now responds to safety concerns and interviews travellers on their experiences.

24th May 2019



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23rd May 2019


  • State of Emergency extended for one month as extra precautionary

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  • Schools & Universities open & back to routine.
    Source: State Media Publications
  • Vesak celebrations in Sri Lanka captured in pictures.

  • Tourists traveling Sri Lanka right now make the best of minimum crowds & low prices


22nd May 2019 


  • Identities of all Easter Sunday suicide bombers confirmed

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21st May 2019 


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20th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


19th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


18th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


17th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


16th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


15th May 2019 – Security Round-Up 


12th May 2019 – Security Round Up

  • Countrywide Curfew no longer in force
  • State Schools opened on 6th May
  • Business & Trading returned to normal schedules


11th May 2019 – Security Update

Sri Lanka Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara announced yesterday that another suspect involved in the Easter Explosions had been taken into custody. This follows from concentrated efforts by Lankan officials throughout the last 3 weeks to crack down on all those responsible with 58 arrests already made. In the last week alone, authorities captured 3 suspects including the brother of one of the bombers, located weapons, and traced finances and assets of the NTJ, the group responsible for the attacks.