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Mahatma Gandhi Park

Located just a few kilometres away from the Batticaloa Fort is the Mahatma Gandhi Park, which is an idyllic place to just take it easy and admire Batti’s old waterfront. Interestingly though, there is no direct association to the inspiring Indian leader, however, it is dedicated to him due to the many efforts he made to bring about peace. The park is a result of the Batticaloa Development Project that is aimed at providing more recreational space for the city folk.

The large park has long walkways with many features of interest that are perfect for family picnics, gatherings and  fitness activities. As it is located on the waterfront of the Batticaloa Lagoon, you could also witness some fishermen and other small boats going about their daily runs. Coupled with the history of the Batticaloa Gate, the park is a mixture of everything you need, to relax and reflect on the interesting culture and lifestyles of the people of Batticaloa. If you are lucky you could also see some exotic bird species hanging out on the treetops.