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Kallady Beach

Located a few kilometres away from the city centre, the Kallady Beach is an idyllic beach to just relax and bask in the serene views of the Indian Ocean. The beach is relatively calm and enticing to engage in many water sports activities. Although the beach is one that is flocked by many recreational seekers, there was a time when the beach was not so safe for any sort of activity, as it was a victim of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated the shoreline and the buildings near it. Even today, there are reminders of the harshness of the natural disaster, as certain ruined buildings that were the result of the strong waves lie in the very same place after the disaster subsided. One such intriguing building is the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. This particular temple was struck so hard by the waves that it split the temple into two, which led to half of it being tilted and parts of it buried in the sand. The tilted half of the temple can still be seen.

Presently though, the beach is perfect to witness an amazing sunrise, while also being a perfect place to swim about and witness the local fishermen loading their haul for the day.