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Batticaloa Lagoon

One of the many natural attractions in Batticaloa, the Batticaloa Lagoon is a vast water body in which many flora and fauna thrive. From the many bird species to the marine species that dwell underwater, there is quite a lot to see and do when you explore the vastness of the lagoon. One of the highlights when you do take a tour around, is the local lifestyles that can be witnessed when the fishermen go about in their Oruwas (outrigger canoes) to find their fresh catch of the day. In fact, some of the best lagoon shrimp and lagoon crab are fished out of these very waters.

Exploring the entire lagoon can take quite a while, however, but will never cease to amaze. This is because the landscapes quickly change, as you would come across many other intriguing islands that contain many attractions. The island of Puliyanthivu is one such island that showcases the most heritage, as it is possible to witness the Batticaloa Fort, and the Batticaloa Gate from afar. In addition to the heritage, you can also witness the folklore of the city too in the form of the Kallady Bridge. Do make it a point to visit the bridge when the moon is full to hear the sound of the singing fish.