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Batticaloa Lighthouse

The Batticaloa Lighthouse, located in the suburb of Paalameenmadu, is a vestige that reminds many visitors of the colonial heritage that still reverberates throughout the city. Built in 1913 by the British administration, the Batticaloa Lighthouse was made to guide many sailors coming from afar during the days of old. As it is built on the eastern-most point of the suburb, the lighthouse sits directly in the crossroads where the Batticaloa Lagoon meets the Indian Ocean, making the 28-metre-high structure visible to any and all ships coming in from the east. The complex also is a park for many families and friends to just relax, while basking in the picturesque views of the lagoon and the ocean.

The Batticaloa Lighthouse is perfect to experience the calmer side of the city life, as the lighthouse and its rustic surroundings are ideal to just take it easy. With large ships in the distance, and fishermen on their small outrigger canoes close by, along with the vibrant flora and fauna, the Batticaloa Lighthouse serves as an idyllic location to witness some amazing views of the nearby waters.