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Batticaloa Gate

Located within the peaceful confines of the Mahatma Gandhi Park, the Batticaloa Gate is one of the few historic monuments in the island of Puliyanthivu. Although a recent addition in the city of Batticaloa, it commemorates the arrival of Methodism in the city of Batticaloa. It is believed that it is in the island of Puliyanthivu that the first Methodist missionary arrived at Batticaloa in the form of Rev. William Ault in 1814 to establish and preach the peaceful teachings. Due to the significant Methodist community that dwells within the city, the Batticaloa Gate was built in memory of the historic event.

The Batticaloa Gate is built in such a way that it starkly resembles a miniature version of the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Of course, it may not have the intricate craftsmanship to that of its Indian counterpart, but it still narrates an iconic story that reverberates throughout the city. Since it is located within the Mahatma Gandhi Park, you can admire the gate while basking in the scenic view of the Batticaloa Lagoon, and if you are willing to arrive at the correct time, you could also witness an amazing sunrise and sunset too. If you want, you could also witness the gate from the water by going on a boat trip around the lagoon.