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Kallady Beach

Falling under the category of ‘most peaceful beaches’ in Sri Lanka, Kallady Beach is one of those places where people who despise the noise would feel completely at home. Located about 40 minutes from Pasikuda and separated by the Batticaloa lagoon, Kallady Beach is as much a balm for the weary eyes as it is for the fatigued mind.

First, a wooden walkway that extends onto the beach leads you towards the water. The sandy beach has the occasional palm tree popping up along the shore, making for a cool spot to set up your hammock (if you’ve got one!).

Just like the other, more popular spots along the East Coast, Kallady Beach offers you the opportunity to go snorkelling and diving, attracting just as many curious marine critters in its waters as Pasikuda Bay. Unfortunately, unlike its neighbours, Kallady Beach is not completely safe for swimming as the water tends to get a bit rough here, but if you’re an experienced swimmer, it’s still possible.

The sunsets at Kallady Beach are also not to be missed, as the fiery streaks of colour ballooned against the surface of the sea are sure to spark a fire in you!

Another interesting destination adjacent to the beach is the Kallady bridge, which connects the bridge to the mainland. This bridge is famous for one thing in particular: the singing fish of Batticaloa. In the months between April and September (particularly on full moon nights), you could hear the faint sounds of music emanating from the waters below the bridge. It’s widely believed that the sounds are made by a type of rare bivalve, which is on the brink of extinction. For a while, the music had vanished, but has recently made a comeback!

Perhaps after a refreshing beachside siesta, a symphony by the famed Singing Fish of Batticaloa would be exactly what you need?