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Kalkudah Beach

Just a few kilometres from Pasikuda Bay lies Kalkudah beach, a 4km long stretch of sand that is the vision of serenity. Kalkudah beach is the less-frequented neighbour of Pasikuda Bay, providing much the same experiences as the latter.

The unblemished sandy slice of paradise wasn’t always so. Back when the Tsunami hit in 2004, Kalkudah beach took quite the beating. After many years, it has been restored to its former glory, and now offers soft sands and glassy waters.

Unlike Pasikuda Bay, it’s much quieter at Kalkudah, and also a bit more remote, without nearly as many stalls, so if you’re dropping by, make sure to come prepared with any refreshments lest you wonder a tad too far from the nearest store.

There’s a single clear path leading to the beach with small resorts on either side. Once you’re on the beach, you’ll notice palm trees lining the strip of sand, and on the other side, the calm and inviting sea that stretches for miles. Although it isn’t as great for swimming as Pasikuda Bay, Kalkudah Beach still makes for a great spot to dip your toes or wade into.

The only distractions here is the occasional fisherman and his boat pulling up to the shore or pushing out towards the ocean. Sometimes animals may wander across your path (cows belonging to villagers, for example), but aside from that, Kalkudah is the perfect spot for the average introvert who would rather enjoy the beach in silence and isolation, or even couples who would like to enjoy each other’s time without the noise and crowds.