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Batticaloa Lagoon

There is usually a lot of talk about Sri Lanka’s oceans, but we guarantee that its lagoons are just as impressive! One such lagoon that is most definitely worth a visit is the Batticaloa Lagoon. The lagoon is located a little over an hour away from Pasikuda town which makes for a great day trip!

Separating the city of Batticaloa and the Indian Ocean is the rather long and narrow estuarine; Batticaloa Lagoon. It spans an area of 11,500 ha, and stretches across a whopping 56 km, effectively making it the largest among the three lagoons in Batticaloa. The maximum depth the lagoon reaches, though, is only about 4m.

The Batticaloa lagoon extends from Eravur (in the east) all the way to the north of Kalmunai (in the south, cutting across two separate districts, and opens into the sea at two separate points. Multiple small rivers feed the lagoon.

Around the lagoon, you’ll notice various shrimp farms as well as cultivations of rice, the ideal conditions for which it provides. In addition to these human benefits, the lagoon also holds precious mangrove swamps, which are biodiversity hotspots, housing rare and endemic flora and fauna.

Outside of the mangrove ecosystem, you could still see a variety of other animals! If you’re into birdwatching, the lagoon is a magnet for a range of water birds, so go prepared to see some exotic avians!

The quiet and comforting lagoon is the ideal place to unwind! If painting landscapes is something you would like to try, the lagoon provides the perfect picture for you to interpret into your own masterpiece.
With the fishing boats dotting the distant horizon and the birds taking off with the sun on their wings, you’re bound to be treated to an enthralling view throughout your visit.