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Sure, Sri Lanka is famous for its beaches, but you know what doesn’t get enough love? The wide variety of watersports you could take part in while you’re here!

Our waters hosts an array of marine animals, and are marked biodiversity hotspots! That includes the East Coast, where you could spot whales, dolphins, sharks, and many colourful tropical fish. So, why not go snorkelling or scuba diving to swim alongside these astonishing critters? The peak time to go for scuba diving (as well as snorkelling) is between April to September, when many marine animals migrate close to the East Coast’s waters and the water clarity is generally high. The spots where you’re likely to get the most out of the experience include Pigeon Island, Pasikuda, Irakkandy, and Nilaveli beach.

PADI training centres are available here for the newbies, as well as in other parts of the island, so if you’re inexperienced in diving, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Alongside its gentle waves that are ideal swimming, Pasikuda Bay also offers visitors the opportunity to rent Jet Skis and zip along its vast coastline. If you’re into sailboats, this could also be easily arranged!
Trincomalee is the place to go if you want to kitesurf, given the wind is right! This is commonly around the same time as the usual surf seasons, but keep in mind, if you’re eager to catch a glimpse of the dolphins, you might want to reschedule as windy/rough seas tend to keep them away.

Additionally, if you’re up for something that requires a little more strength and hard work, the friendly local fisherman won’t mind taking you along with them on one of their expeditions, so you can take part in hauling in their catches for the day!