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Pasikuda Bay

Along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, right besides Batticaloa, is Pasikuda beach, a two-kilometre stretch famed for its crystal blue waters and golden sand. When Sri Lankans refer to ‘Pasikuda’, they most likely mean the beach, even though the town adjacent to the beach is also called ‘Pasikuda’. This is because the bay has overtaken the town in terms of popularity, so the term is used to refer to it instead.

Even among locals, the destination is popular with swimmers. There are no dangerous currents or sudden drops for quite far out, making it excellent for a dip with the family. The bay curves in such a way as to ensure the waters remain calm.

The best season to visit Pasikuda beach is May to September, when the conditions are most toasty and calm, making it the ideal time for a beachside vacay with the family! But that’s not all! You can indulge in a variety of watersports here, and even book a sailboat!

To top it off, the East Coast is teeming with unique marine life. Barely a half hour drive away is the Kayankerni Reef, where diving is quite popular for this reason! Surrounding the reef, you’ll find a few shipwrecks, which are the places to be if you want to get up and close with marine life! The hauntingly beautiful underwater scene is an experience you mustn’t miss!

Pasikuda is widely regarded as a paradise by the coast, so make sure to pack tons of sunscreen and grab your beachwear on your way to Batticaloa! In addition to the wonders of its waters, Pasikuda also boasts a list of exotic resorts, making it a perfect location for the ultimate holiday. Pasikuda beach is about 300km from Colombo, which is a 5 ½ hour drive.